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TTT Rules

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:46 am
by TheFurryCanadian
  • No ghosting
  • No spamming or harassing other players
  • No gore or disturbing sprays/avatars/content
  • No claiming rooms
  • No camping/delaying when majority of players are dead
  • No prop surfing to unreachable areas
  • No prop killing as spectator
  • No unreadable nicknames (must contain 3 or more English characters)
  • No RDM
  • No Delaying rounds (Sitting in T rooms, not killing innocents)
  • No false KOS
  • No KOSing baised on Player Model, for cheep tricks (spell Innocent backwords) or for alive check (except detective)
  • You can not only kill AFK players (Well admins are on)
  • No killing traitor buddies
  • You cannot KOS by admin chat (Center text, Console text, etc)
  • Hanging bodies IS NOT KOS ABLE
Traitorous Acts
  • Shooting players or towards them (Traitor baiting)
  • Not identifying bodies
  • Throwing frag, incendiary, discombobulators or Traitor-only grenades
  • Calling KOS on innocents/detectives
  • Planting or arming C4
  • Damaging traitor testers or health stations
  • Being indicated a Traitor by a tester
  • Using or holding traitor-only weapons (Silenced pistol, AWP, etc)
    • Knives are NOT KOSable
  • Approaching another player with an explosive prop (explosive barrel, etc)
  • Hiding traitor equipment (C4, decoy, radio)
  • Entering/Leaving a traitor only area (traitor rooms)
  • Blocking players in hazardous areas
  • Pushing players off heights, near edges or near hazards
Following Rules
If someone is following you, you must ask them 3 times to stop. If they continue after 3 you may kill them. You cannot KOS them, and you must type out "Stop Following Me" at least 1 of the 3 times (not all can be with voice chat)